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One of the BEST Concrete Polishing Companies in Colorado

Colorado Concrete Polishing offers commercial and residential concrete polishing (new builds/shops and large attached garages) from $2.00 per SQFT to $5.00 per SQFT for commercial work. Residential prices may vary upon accessibility and the size of the project. We can do commercial joint filler for $1.75 per LF for Polyurea and $0.13 per SQFT for Ashford applications. CCP also offers flooring removal.

We are a small business and look forward to helping you out with your project, please call Brad for an estimate.



Concrete Polishing is the new innovative flooring with long term benefits! No wonder retail, office spaces, warehouses and even homeowners are investing.

It extends the life of your flooring and creates a beautiful, low maintenance finish. Colorado Concrete Polishing has state of the art equipment with a highly trained staff that provides beautiful flooring with long term benefits. Contact us today, we will meet your budget and flooring needs.


Other services include: cleaning and sealing, coating removals, single and double sand broadcast, quarts broadcast, metallic epoxy’s, joint filling, concrete overlays and concrete sidewalk beveling. Please contact us for more information regarding these flooring options.

Since March of 2017, CCP has Densified over 5 Million Sqft, finished over 2 Million Lf of Joint Filler and Caulking, and completed over 1 Million Sqft of Concrete Polishing… All while maintaining the BEST quality control in the state!